Stick Duel Battle

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Stick Duel Battle


Player 1:

Find and collect a weapon to shoot & kill the opponent before they kill you.

  • ⬅️⬆️➡️ - to move.
  • L - to shoot.

Player 2:

  • WASD - to move.
  • F - to shoot.


Stick Duel Battle description

Stick Duel Battle is a funny and crazy stickman battle game! You can fight with realistic weapons and physics on many maps.

Each different map requires different tactics.

Stick Battle Duel can be played with both 1 player and 2 players.

The one who reaches 5 scores first, and wins the game.

  • If you want to fly, go towards the walls.
  • You can use your skateboard as a shield.
  • Stay away from fire pools!

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