Gun Master 3D

Gun Master 3D thumbnail

Gun Master 3D


Player 1:

  • WASD - move
  • Left-click - shoot / use weapon
  • R - reload
  • P - pause
  • Space - jump
  • Shift - sprint


Gun Master 3D description

Gun Master 3D is a classic shoot-em-up game where you're thrown into an arena with knights that try to cut you down with their swords. In this brand new FPS web game, you will have to survive wave after wave of attacks and kill as many knights as you can with GUNS!

In each stage, you will get a new and better weapon that will allow you to kill knights more efficiently.

P.S. a little tip from me, use the knife as much as possible, it is seriously OP :P but don't tell the developer, otherwise, he might nerf it.

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