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4 Colors Classic

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4 Colors Classic


Player 1:

  • Tap/Click on the cards.


4 Colors Classic description

Do you miss the fun and addictive game 4 Colors Classic? Or have you never played this great game? Then go ahead, choose a character and take part in wonderful friendly competitions.

A perfectly recreated atmosphere of the game, detailed instructions, simple controls, and many interesting opponents who are ready at any time to keep your company are waiting for you.

• Addictive gameplay • Bright and colorful graphics • Detailed game rules • Convenient controls

Choose the number of players. Match cards by color or number and be the first to get rid of them. Action cards run the game.

The next player in sequence draws two cards and misses a turn.

The skip card stops the player.

The reverse card switches the direction of the turn to the opposite.

A wild card can be placed on any card at any time and allows you to change the color of the card.

The wild draw four is a special card, that allows you to change the color of the card and forces the next player to pick 4 cards.

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Don't know what to play?

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