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Shooting games

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About Shooting games

Shooting games are games where you usually shoot some projectiles from your weapons to destroy the opponent entity. They can be super fun and very addicting. You can play one of the best free online web-shooters right here on this platform! We feature only the best shooting games that we ourselves enjoy and play.

Some subcategories of shooting games are:

  • FPS - first-person shooter where you control the character from a first perspective, we have one of the best free FPS online web games here
  • Third-person shooters - shooting games where you control a character in a third perspective
  • Arcade shooters - simple, fun, and very addicting shooter games that are usually cartoonish and where you have to destroy some entities to progress the level

Research shows that shooting games improve:

  • Cognitive abilities and learning skills
  • Spatial focus, spatial reasoning
  • Visual acuity and decision-making.

Most popular shooting games: